Butterfly Wings

Butterfly wings
Flutter by
Many colors
Catch my eye

Floating on
The gentle breeze
Those lovely wings
Show grace and ease

Kiss the petals
Of a rose
The scarlet of
A blossom grows

Reflected in
Those purple scales
Open wide
Like billowed sails

Touch the dewdrops
On the green
Wash those wings out
Fresh and clean

Flutter on
As morning calls
Orange light
On wingtips falls

Yellow flowers
Streaked with blues
Light those wings
In varied hues

A butterfly
I’d love to be
To paint a rainbow
And fly free

If I Had Wings

If I had wings, I’d fly away,
Up to the sky, so bright and clear.
If I had wings, I’d leave today
To travel far away from here.

I’d spread my wings and I’d take flight.
I’d flap and flap with all my might,
So maybe I could finally see
The joy birds know of being free.

I’d feel the wind against my face
While flying o’er the endless sea.
Within the sunlight’s warm embrace,
A carefree soul at last I’d be.

As freedom calls me evermore,
My heart cries out for me to soar.
Beyond the mountains, past the sea,
Nothing but blissful peace for me.

But as far as a bird is willing to fly,
It always comes home, and so would I.

The Timid Writer

They say I’m different.
They say I’m unusual.
They say that I’m beautiful,
That I’m intelligent,
That I’m talented.

But they think I’m unhappy.

They look at me and wonder,
“Why doesn’t she smile?
Why doesn’t she laugh?
Why doesn’t she talk?”

They don’t know me.

I am smiling.
I do laugh.
And I have no need to talk.
Why should I bother?
No one really listens to me anyway,
At least, not here.

But I’m not here.
I’m far away,
Drifting in my own thoughts,
In my own world,
Where no one can catch me
Or pin me down.

They go about their own boring lives.
They follow the same routine every day.
Not me.
That life is not mine.
I never had it,
And I never want it.
My days shall be free
Of dreadful, boring routine
For as long as I live.

I am smiling.
I do laugh.
And I don’t bother talking.

They don’t know me.
They don’t hear me.
They don’t see me.
And I don’t care.

Because I’m free.

Between Two Worlds

I feel peace as I walk to the edge of my world. The sun on my face, the wind in my hair, the smell of salty air, everything about this place calms me.

Winter is the best time of year to visit. Not a soul in sight, I can relax and be alone with my thoughts. A bird flies overhead, my spirit riding the breeze along with it. I smile as it disappears beyond the horizon. I’m content just to dream that I could follow. This is my sanctuary.

Out there, I’m a stranger, playing a part in a story that isn’t mine. There, I’m stuck in one place. But here, I am myself. At the brink of the other world, I can breathe and laugh and sing to my heart’s content. Here, I am home.

Waves upon the sand
Rolling up and down the shore
Flow out to the sea

Is there anything more peaceful than the sounds of the ocean in the morning? Where the warm earth meets the cool water, my feet stay buried under wet grains as my thoughts drift away over the waves like ships sailing out to explore unknown lands. My body, my mind, my heart, my spirit are one. Tranquility, curiosity, happiness, freedom.

Water clear and blue
And my dreams that flow within
Come and set me free

This piece was my entry for the Haibun Contest recently held by Writer’s Carnival. The rule was to write a poem about any subject as long as it was in the form of a haibun (a Japanese form of poetry that mixes prose and haiku), so I chose to write mine about the experience of visiting the beach in winter. With the contest now over and the winners already announced, I decided to share my piece here on my blog for others to read. Enjoy!

Special thanks to Writer’s Carnival for hosting the contest! It was a lot of fun!

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