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I’m J.C. Wolfe (or Jay C. Wolfe, hence the name of my blog). I’m a fiction writer and aspiring author of science fantasy and romance novels.

This is my blog, where I share my thoughts on various creative writing topics, my original stories and poetry, and eventually, information about my books.

Please, feel free to explore my site and follow my blog. I hope you enjoy your stay! Happy reading!

Enter the Den

Who is J.C. Wolfe?

J.C. Wolfe is the artistic alter ego of a shy, nerdy 20-something-year-old biologist with a colorful imagination and a lifelong dream of being a fiction writer. A born-and-raised American, she lives six thousand miles from her true home in California, currently residing in the exotic southern region of Brazil. Her favorite literary genres include science fantasy and romance, and she hides behind a gender-neutral pen name while she weaves her endless thoughts and daydreams into stories meant to touch hearts and inspire the imagination of any soul who might cross her path.
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Word of the Week

Word of the Week: Nihilism

Word: nihilism Pronunciation: NY-ə-li-zəm / NEE-ə-li-zəm Part of Speech: noun Definition: the rejection of all religious and moral principles, often in the belief that life is meaningless Source: Oxford Dictionaries Fear not, the inspiration for today’s Word of...

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Word of the Week: Terpsichorean

Word: terpsichorean Pronunciation: tərp-si-kə-REE-ən / tərp-si-KOH-ree-ən Part of Speech: adjective; noun Definition: (adj.) of or relating to dancing (n.) a dancer Source: Oxford Dictionaries Remember that word from Rango that I shared a while back? Well,...

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Word of the Week: Ennui

Word: ennui Pronunciation: ahn-WEE Part of Speech: noun Definition: a feeling of listlessness and dissatisfaction arising from a lack of occupation or excitement Source: Oxford Dictionaries You come down here to console me. That is charming of you. You find me...

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Creative Writing Blog

What If? Writing Prompts: Humor IV

Here’s another round of “What If?” Writing Prompts for you to enjoy! To keep things lighthearted, this week’s batch is set to the theme of humor. What silly tales can you spin from these ideas? Enjoy! What if… someone charmed/cursed you...

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Hot Off the Press

Five Seconds

(What If? Exercise: Read the description here.) Jenny stared at the clear sky above her, while all around, the sounds of screaming and crying grew fainter. She winced at the sharp pain running up her leg, knowing that if she’d just waited a few seconds after the...

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My Darling Baby Sister

My darling baby sister, You’ve always been to me A gift sent from above, The baby of the family. My lovely baby sister, You know this is a crime, The way you’re getting older Like you’re fast-forwarding time? Adoring baby sister, I wish you’d...

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Living Rainbow

(What If? Exercise: Read the description here.) The wind carried the little seeds into a gray field. There they landed, in the middle of the grass. Days and nights of sun and rain passed. Until at last, the first sprouts appeared. One by one, bright flowers blossomed....

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