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I’m J.C. Wolfe (or Jay C. Wolfe, hence the name of my blog). I’m a fiction writer and aspiring author of fantasy and science fiction novels.

This is my blog, where I share my thoughts on various creative writing topics, my original stories and poetry, and eventually information about my books.

Feel free to explore my site and follow my blog! I hope you enjoy your stay! Happy reading!

Who is J.C. Wolfe?

J.C. Wolfe is the artistic alter ego of a shy, nerdy 20-something-year-old biologist with a colorful imagination and a lifelong dream of being a fiction writer. She is a born-and-raised American, and after finishing grad school six thousand miles away in the exotic southern region of Brazil, she once again resides in her true home in California. Her favorite literary genres are fantasy and science fiction, and she hides behind a gender-neutral pen name while she weaves her endless thoughts and daydreams into stories meant to touch hearts and inspire the imagination of any soul who might cross her path.

Word of the Week

Word of the Week: Multifarious

Word: multifarious Pronunciation: məl-tə-FE-ree-əs Part of Speech: adjective Definition: many and of various types Source: Oxford Dictionaries Continuing from last week's vocabulary entry, today's Word of the Week is another word brought to my attention by Judith from...

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Word of the Week: Ineluctable

Word: ineluctable Pronunciation: in-ə-LƏK-tə-b(ə)l Part of Speech: adjective Definition: unable to be resisted or avoided; inescapable Source: Oxford Dictionaries Today's Word of the Week was suggested by Judith from I Choose How I Will Spend the Rest of My Life. She...

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Word of the Week: Hegemony

Word: hegemony Pronunciation: hə-JE-mə-nee / HE-jə-moh-nee Part of Speech: noun Definition: leadership or dominance, especially by one country or social group over others Source: Oxford Dictionaries So funny story: the other day I stumbled upon a reminder to write a...

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Creative Writing Blog

Off The Bookshelf: The Picture of Dorian Gray

Last year, I reached my first-ever Goodreads Reading Challenge goal of ten books, most of which were historical fiction. I've already covered Pride and Prejudice and Sense and Sensibility by Jane Austen in my Off the Bookshelf segment, so today I'm switching over to...

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What If? Writing Prompts: History VII

This past week saw yet another anniversary of the September 11 attacks as well as the destruction left in the wake of a record-breaking hurricane sweeping the Atlantic, the second to hit the U.S. in less than two weeks. Remembering watching the news in school 16 years...

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The Perks of Being a Fiction Writer

Remember that post I shared last week about the hard truths of being a writer? Well, fear not; I promise you that was only half of the big picture. After all, why would anyone choose to write if it only ever brought misery? Being a writer can be just as rewarding as...

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