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I’m J.C. Wolfe (or Jay C. Wolfe, hence the name of my blog). I’m a fiction writer and aspiring author of science fantasy and romance novels.

This is my blog, where I share my thoughts on various creative writing topics, my original stories and poetry, and eventually, information about my books.

Please, feel free to explore my site and follow my blog. I hope you enjoy your stay! Happy reading!

Enter the Den

Who is J.C. Wolfe?

J.C. Wolfe is the artistic alter ego of a shy, nerdy 20-something-year-old biologist with a colorful imagination and a lifelong dream of being a fiction writer. A born-and-raised American, she lives six thousand miles from her true home in California, currently residing in the exotic southern region of Brazil. Her favorite literary genres include science fantasy and romance, and she hides behind a gender-neutral pen name while she weaves her endless thoughts and daydreams into stories meant to touch hearts and inspire the imagination of any soul who might cross her path.
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Word of the Week

Word of the Week: Ecclesiastical

Word: ecclesiastical Pronunciation: ə-klee-zee-A-stə-k(ə)l Part of Speech: adjective Definition: of or relating to the Christian Church or its clergy Source: Oxford Dictionaries He had a special passion, also, for ecclesiastical vestments, as indeed he had for... read more

Word of the Week: Epiphany

Word: epiphany Pronunciation: ə-PI-fə-nee Part of Speech: noun Definition: a moment of sudden revelation or insight Source: Oxford Dictionaries Homer: [while throat singing with the medicine woman] How long are we doing this? Medicine Woman: Until you have an... read more

Word of the Week: Epitome

Word: epitome Pronunciation: ə-PI-tə-mee Part of Speech: noun Definition: a person or thing that is a perfect example of a particular quality or type a summary of a written work; an abstract Source: Oxford Dictionaries Here’s another word that’s quite... read more

Creative Writing Blog

3 Creative Writing Themes Inspired by Grandparents

When it comes to looking for creative inspiration, sometimes you needn’t look farther than your own family. Plenty of my characters and stories have been inspired by my family members (you know who you are), but today I’d like to honor someone special by... read more

Hot Off the Press

To Be the Middle Sister

To be the middle sister Is a blessing and a curse. To one sister, you’re the “better”; To the other, you’re the “worse”. When it comes to being older, You’ve had gifts enough to give To the younger of your siblings, Who adores... read more

Sonnet to my Favorite Hero

Today, you know I want to do something For the best father any girl has had. So here’s a poem that I’ve been writing To thank you for being the greatest dad! Thank you for all the times you make me smile With all those silly words I know so well. I love to... read more

One Simple Request

Listen, my darling, to this One simple request, from my Vulnerable heart to yours, Every day from now to forever. My devotion to you is as Everlasting as the stars in the heavens. Free me from this Overwhelming doubt. Reveal your true feelings, Else my faith in love... read more

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