Word: gasconade

Pronunciation: ɡas-kə-NAYD

Part of Speech: noun

Definition: extravagant boasting

Source: Oxford Dictionaries

Here’s another word I learned from the Pronunciation game in the Elevate – Brain Training app. I had no idea what it meant when I first read it, but after looking it up, I knew I’d have no trouble remembering its definition. Simply associate this word with the pompous Gaston from Disney’s Beauty and the Beast and you’ll never forget that “gasconade” refers to exaggerated boasting!

“Gasconade” is a literary term for extravagant boasting. The word arose in the mid 17th century and comes from the French noun gasconnade, meaning “boasting”. This noun stems from the verb gasconner, which means “to brag”.

The word “gasconade” originates from the name Gascon, as the citizens of Gascony in southwestern France were considered prone to bragging; the word “gascon” is even synonymous with “braggart”. Notably, aside from a noun, “gasconade” also used to be a verb meaning “to talk boastfully” and an adjective meaning “of or pertaining to extravagant boasting”, but both these definitions have become obsolete. If your characters are excessively boastful, “gasconade” may be a good word to include in your stories!

What are your thoughts on this word? Any suggestions for future “Word of the Week” featured words?

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