Blog Relaunch Guest Post Submission Guidelines

Want to write a guest post to help me promote my blog relaunch? Awesome! Thanks so much for your interest!

Before getting in touch, though, please make sure you read and understand these guidelines.

First off, only original submissions from fellow indie writers and bloggers will be considered! Submissions from professional writers who pitch sponsored content or represent any organization that sells academic writing to students will be rejected! If you’re the latter, turn back now.

Indie writers and bloggers, continue reading below!

Guest Post Content Guidelines

My blog focuses on fiction writing and the experience of being a writer, so please make sure your post fits this theme before sending your pitch! Ideas for possible submissions include:

  • A short post about your creative process
  • A list of tips or facts related to writing/editing/publishing/marketing
  • An anecdote about what you’ve learned from self-publishing your book(s)
  • A short story
  • An excerpt from your latest book or WIP

Book promotions are welcome, so long as they include some content besides “Buy My Book!” (See suggestions above.) Readers want value, not sales pitches.

All submissions must be family-friendly. I will not accept posts with material that would be considered offensive to anyone.

I will not edit your content, but I may proofread your post to remove typos (it’s kind of my thing ;-P). Submissions with an excessive amount of errors will be sent back for revision or outright rejected (unless you’d like to hire me to edit your post for you).

And finally, I reserve the right to reject your submission for any reason if I feel it’s not a good fit for my blog (but if you follow all the above guidelines, that shouldn’t be an issue).

Guest Post Format Guidelines

Guest posts should preferably be between 500 and 1000 words. Don’t worry if yours is slightly over or under, though; what matters is the value of your content. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Submissions should include:

  • A Word or Pages document with the text of your post
  • At least one royalty-free image as a separate attachment (you can find these at Pixabay and Unsplash or make one yourself for free at Canva)
  • An author bio (photo optional but recommended)
  • Links to your website, social media profiles, and Amazon author page (if applicable)
  • A blurb and cover image of one of your books (optional)

After Your Post is Accepted

I will create and schedule your post on my blog and let you know the day and time it will go live. I will also send you an email reminder the day your post is published and share it on my social media pages.

I recommend you subscribe to your post so you can keep up with and reply to any comments you receive. Guest posting is all about engagement! Don’t forget to share your post on your own social media pages too!

At the time of writing this page, I don’t yet have a guest post schedule, as that will depend on when my blog update is complete and how many submissions I receive until then. Once my new site is up and running, I will update this page with a schedule.

Ready to pitch your post? Contact me at jaycwolfe (at) to get started! (Be sure to include “Guest Post” in your subject line!)

I also recommend you join my blog relaunch mailing list so you don’t miss any updates about this guest post opportunity! Thanks!


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