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I’m J.C. Wolfe (or Jay C. Wolfe, hence the name of my blog). I’m a fiction writer and aspiring author of science fantasy and romance novels.

This is my blog, where I share my thoughts on various creative writing topics, my original stories and poetry, and eventually, information about my books.

Please, feel free to explore my site and follow my blog. I hope you enjoy your stay! Happy reading!

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Who is J.C. Wolfe?

J.C. Wolfe is the artistic alter ego of a shy, nerdy 20-something-year-old biologist with a colorful imagination and a lifelong dream of being a fiction writer. She is a born-and-raised American, and after finishing grad school six thousand miles away in the exotic southern region of Brazil, she once again resides in her true home in California. Her favorite literary genres include science fantasy and romance, and she hides behind a gender-neutral pen name while she weaves her endless thoughts and daydreams into stories meant to touch hearts and inspire the imagination of any soul who might cross her path.

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Word of the Week

Word of the Week: Iconoclast

Word: iconoclast Pronunciation: ai-KAH-nə-klast Part of Speech: noun Definition: a person who attacks cherished beliefs or institutions Source: Oxford Dictionaries Here's a word that's made it on many vocabulary prep lists, or at least the ones I've studied. I...

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Word of the Week: Excoriate

Word: excoriate Pronunciation: ik-SKO-ree-ayt / ek-SKO-ree-ayt Part of Speech: verb Definition: censure or criticize severely Source: Oxford Dictionaries Have you ever witnessed someone say or do something so ridiculously stupid that to "criticize" them just wasn't...

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Word of the Week: Inauguration

Word: inauguration Pronunciation: i-nah-ɡ(y)ə-RAY-sh(ə)n Part of Speech: noun Definition: the beginning or introduction of a system, policy, or period Source: Oxford Dictionaries Was there any other word I could have chosen for today's Word of the Week? Being American...

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Creative Writing Blog

What If? Writing Prompts: Romance VI

Welcome to the first day of February! The month of love has rolled around once again, so why not start it off with some new "What If?" Writing Prompts? This week's batch features prompts in the genre of – you guessed it – romance. See what love stories you can create...

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Off The Bookshelf: Pride and Prejudice

Welcome back to my Off The Bookshelf segment! It's been almost a year since I've written a book review for my blog, which is a shame since I do love recommending my favorite novels. The good news is that I read several new books last year and plan to read even more...

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Five More Books I Want to Read in 2017

Welcome to the second part of my top ten list of books to read in 2017! Looks like another Goodreads reading challenge is on the horizon! If you haven't yet, feel free to check out the first half of my list from last week. Otherwise, enjoy! 6) Wuthering Heights by...

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Hot Off the Press


Why does he have to attack me? What did I ever do to him? I'm sure I've never seen him before, yet here he is, charging straight at me with the light of the sun at his back. He looks like all the others: clad in glistening steel from head to toe, sword and shield at...

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Our Darkest Day

As the creature reared its massive ugly head, we all trembled. We had never seen anything like it. Where had it come from? What was it capable of? And why hadn't we seen it coming? The answers were more terrifying than we dared to imagine. The sorcerer smiled thinly...

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Fire Flowers

(What If? Exercise: Read the description here.) Our trip to the beach was an annual family tradition. Every New Year's, we'd go down to watch them. The beach would always be crowded that night. Everyone wanted to welcome the new year. The final countdown to midnight...

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