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True Courage

United they stand
In service of our country,
The home of the brave.

It takes true courage
To fight for the liberty
Of our great nation.

So let’s take the time
To celebrate our heroes
This Veterans Day!

Happy Veterans Day to all the veterans out there! Thank you for your service to our country! Have a blessed weekend!

An Evening of Fright

It’s the scariest night of the year.
Monsters swarm in from far and from near.
Try to hide your surprise
If you look in their eyes,
For they’re drawn to the smell of your fear.

Yet the children who wander the streets
On their annual quest for free sweets
Don’t seem fazed in the least
By the sight of a beast,
Just so long as it’s handing out treats!

Glowing pumpkins with faces so mean
Set a haunting and bone-chilling scene.
Bid farewell to the light
And give in to the night!
Have a frightfully fun Halloween!

Master of Science

Mastering a science is an
Adventure and a challenge.
Research requires strong qualities:
Intelligence, passion, and dedication.
New horizons await those seeking an
Education in the biological sciences!

Environmental marine studies are a
Challenging field to explore, as the
Oceans are teeming with all forms of
Life and complex ecosystems. Still,
Overwhelming hours of research led to the
Greatest achievement of my life!
Years of studying reef fish have truly paid off!

Your Guiding Light

Who would I be today
Without your guiding light?
Would I still be myself?
Would I still turn out all right?

Without your love and guidance,
I don’t know where I’d be.
I’d probably be lost,
Like a ship at open sea.

Your words of wisdom taught me
To distinguish right from wrong.
You’re the model of a woman
Who is nurturing and strong.

Through the years, as I grew older,
Your patience knew no end.
Though I made many mistakes,
You remained my truest friend.

Who on Earth could ever love me
As much as you always do?
I know God gave me a blessing
In a mother just like you.

To my mother, friend, and mentor,
There are few words that can say
Just how much I truly love you!
Have a wonderful birthday!

Happy Birthday to my wonderful mother! Thank you for always being my guiding light! I love you so much!

Ode to the Redlip Blenny

Oh strange fish, whose
Phylogeography baffles me so.
How did you traverse the Atlantic?
I thought you were Brazilian –
O. trinitatis, I called you –
But when I tested your DNA, I
Learned that you came from the East!
Everyone was amazed when I told them;
Nobody had anticipated such a result!
Never again will I make the mistake of
Inferring conclusions before obtaining results and
Underestimating the surprises of academia.
Science truly is incredible!

I think an explanation is due here. Apparently, in the final weeks leading up to my Master’s thesis defense, the only thing that was on my mind anymore was the reef fish I had been studying for almost two years. Its common name is the redlip blenny, but I mostly referred to it by its genus name, Ophioblennius. Well, now that my project is done and my thesis has been defended, I thought it fitting to see my fish off with a poem! Enjoy, and thanks for reading!

River Stones

Water flows freely
Over the still riverbank
Stones gleam in the sun

Tiny ripples dance
All along the water’s edge
See the pebbles shine

Waves sway to and fro
Winding down the twisted stream
Smooth rocks tumble free

My responses to Ronovan WritesWeekly Haiku Challenge #112: River & Stone. This is my first time participating in this challenge, and it’s proven to be a lot of fun! I’d definitely like to participate again! Thanks for the prompt, Ronovan!

My Waiting Game

How long would I wait
To be with you?
I asked myself this question
Before I started playing
This waiting game,
Knowing it would all be a test
Of how much I love you.

How have I waited
So long for you?
It hasn’t been easy at all,
Being so far away,
Longing every day to be
By your side again,
But if I’ve learned anything,
It’s that our love will always
Overcome the pain of distance.

I see your sweet face,
Your kind eyes,
Your gentle smile,
And I feel content.
I listen to your voice,
To your music,
To your laughter,
And I feel at peace.
I talk to you,
Laugh with you,
Share my world with you,
And my heart fills with joy.

The adoration you show me
Brightens my darkest days.
The way you smile at me,
Listen to me,
Encourage me,
Say sweet words to me,
Makes me feel so loved.
Thinking about you,
Dreaming of you,
Caring for you,
Loving you,
Brings me happiness
Like I’ve never known before,
And knowing I’ll be
In your arms again soon
Makes it all worth the wait.

How long would I wait
To be with you?
I know now I can play
The game for years,
Waiting patiently every day
For the chance to be
With you again,
Because I know that
Someday soon,
The wait will be over,
And I’ll finally win.

Happy Birthday to my wonderful boyfriend! Thank you for waiting for me all these years. I promise we’ll be together again soon! I truly love you!

Summer Games

Over the city of Rio, there’s excitement in the air!
Let the games begin!
Years of training have led to this one
Month of fierce competitions and amazing victories, when
People all around the world gather to enjoy this
International commemoration of sportsmanship.
Celebrate the world’s athletic diversity at the
Summer Olympic Games of 2016!

Real Magic

Magic may seem
Like the stuff
Of fantasy
And fairy tales,
But I know
For a fact
That it really exists.

Real magic comes
In the form of
Sweet kisses
And affectionate hugs,
In gentle words
And selfless acts.

Real magic
Is respect
And trust
And loyalty.
It’s devotion
And kindness
And overwhelming joy.

Real magic
Is waking up
Every day
Next to someone
Who makes you smile,
Falling sleep
Every night
Beside someone
Who shares in your pain,
And spending
Your whole life
With someone
You could never
Live without.

How could I not
Believe in magic
When I grew up
Seeing it every day
In the form of such
True love?

Dedicated to my parents, whose love has always been a huge inspiration for my writing and my personal life. Thank you for teaching me what real magic is! I love you both so much!

About J.C. Wolfe

J.C. Wolfe is a fiction writer, biologist, and aspiring novelist of science fantasy and romance. A natural-born American and graduate in Marine Ecology from a university in Brazil, J.C. now writes for a living in California while spending free time blogging and penning stories and poetry.

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