Summer Games

Over the city of Rio, there’s excitement in the air!
Let the games begin!
Years of training have led to this one
Month of fierce competitions and amazing victories, when
People all around the world gather to enjoy this
International commemoration of sportsmanship.
Celebrate the world’s athletic diversity at the
Summer Olympic Games of 2016!

Land of the Free

I so love my great
Nation, a land of
Dreams, hopes, and
Everlasting liberty.
Patriotism abounds in
Every citizen’s heart as
New opportunities
Drive the spirit of
Embracing a better life.
Now we gather together to
Celebrate the day we
Earned our freedom!

Dearest country of mine,
America the Beautiful,
You are my true home!

Happy Independence Day to all my fellow American friends and family! May you all have a blessed Fourth of July weekend!

One Simple Request

Listen, my darling, to this
One simple request, from my
Vulnerable heart to yours,
Every day from now to forever.

My devotion to you is as
Everlasting as the stars in the heavens.

Free me from this
Overwhelming doubt.
Reveal your true feelings,
Else my faith in love may
Vanish indefinitely.
Eternal love of mine, please
Reciprocate my undying passion!

Secret Flower

(What If? Exercise: Read the description here.)

Samantha had chosen her favorite flower when she was young.

Unfortunately, none of the boys knew what it was.

Nobody ever gave her the flowers she wanted.

From roses to lilies, they always missed.

Lenny finally thought to ask her.

Overjoyed, Samantha shared her secret.

Whispered in his ear.

Embarrassed, he grinned.

Ridiculously obvious.


This piece is based on What If? Exercise 93: “Ten to One”. The exercise is to write a 55-word story in which the first sentence has ten words, the second has nine, etc., until the last sentence has only one word. The objective is to show that precision and thrift in writing can produce surprisingly powerful results. I hope you enjoy what I’ve written. Thanks for reading!

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Beautiful World

Have you ever stopped to marvel
At the beautiful world you live in?
Pay attention to the life around you, and
Please take care to treat it with respect, for
Years from now, it may all be gone!

Environmental wonders can be found
All across the globe, from
Rainforests to deserts to oceans.
Today we celebrate them all, and
How beautiful our natural world is!

Don’t let this beauty be destroyed.
Always cherish the splendor of nature.
You have the power, so make a change today!

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