Blood Moon

When the moon appears,
Demons rise to claim the night.
I could not escape.

It took just one bite
To transform me into this
Blood-thirsty creature.

I long for the days
When I used to be human.
Now I’m a monster.

Every night, I drink
The blood of innocent souls.
An eternal curse.

So heed this warning:
Vampires lurk in the shadows.
Beware the blood moon.

Midnight at the Ball

I knew it was love.
When we danced, the world stood still.
Then the clock chimed once.

Suddenly she froze.
Timidly, I took her hand
As the clock chimed twice.

Just one kiss, I wished.
At the third chime, I leaned in…
But she turned and fled.

Four chimes in, I paused.
That was when I realized,
I don’t know her name.

Terror seized my heart.
No, I cannot lose her now.
Five chimes in, I ran.

Chasing after her,
I could hear the sixth chime ring.
Please come back, I begged.

At the seventh chime,
All I found upon the stairs
Was her glass slipper.

As the eighth chime rang,
I looked down and saw her there,
Running through the doors.

Glass slipper in hand,
I followed her down the path
To the clock’s ninth chime.

I stopped at the gate.
The tenth chime sent her carriage
Out into the night.

Eleven chimes in.
Desperately I called to her.
Just once, she looked back.

Midnight, she was gone.
Lovesick and alone I stood
As the clock struck twelve.

Blessed Day

Friday He was slain
Sacrificed upon the cross
Our Lord and Savior

Saturday He lay
Resting in the Father’s grace
Soon to live again

Sunday He returned
And all the faithful rejoiced
Risen is the Lord

Now we celebrate
His sacrifice and rebirth
Each Easter weekend

Happy Easter to all my family and friends of faith! A very blessed weekend to you all!

Sense Me

See me smile at you
Gaze deeply into my eyes
Show me your passion

Hear me breathe a sigh
Listen to my racing heart
Whisper in my ear

Smell my sweet perfume
Bury your face in my neck
Breathe in every scent

Taste my trembling lips
Feel my breath mingle with yours
Say you love me too

Touch me all over
Hold me in your arms tonight
Take me to Heaven


Kiss these tender lips
Tremble as the heart flutters
Ardently in love

Fire burns within
Rage erupts in violence
Feel the seething hate

Unending cycle
First a blessing, then a curse
Passion knows no bounds

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