Which Literary Monster Are You? A Quiz by Grammarly

Yes, I know Halloween has come and gone, but it’s never too late to have some fun with a monster quiz, right? A couple of weeks ago, Grammarly shared a Halloween-themed quiz: Which Literary Monster Are You? While you’re working on that 50,000-word novel for NaNoWriMo, why not take a break to find out which famous monster from literature fits your personality? It may even inspire you to write some horror fiction of your own! Have fun!

Grammarly - Which Literary Monster Are You

Here’s my inner literary monster, who just so happens to be one of my favorites: Dr. Frankenstein’s monster! Seems fitting for me, as Frankenstein’s creation is an emotional being who is misunderstood by the people he encounters. That is, after all, one of the reasons I became a writer!


Who’s your literary monster? Feel free to share your result in the comments!

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One Spooky Night

How frightfully fun it is to venture out on
All Hallows’ Eve, a night filled with
Pumpkins, monsters, tricks and treats.
Prepare for the terrifying night when
Your greatest fears come to life!

Haunted houses echo with screams long
After the harvest moon illuminates the sky.
Light the jack-o-lanterns on your lawn and
Listen to the sounds filling the air for this
One spooky night of the year.
Witches, vampires, werewolves, and ghosts,
Every child dons a costume and spends the
Eve playing games and collecting sweets. Let your
Nightmares roam free, and have a Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween! May you all have a frightfully fun-filled weekend!

What If? Writing Prompts: Horror III

Halloween is just around the corner, so why not stock up on some new “What If?” Writing Prompts for the occasion? This week features another set of horror-themed prompts. See what scary stories you can create from these ideas! Have fun!

What If - Parchment and QuillWhat if… you woke up in someone else’s body?

What if… your neighbors became zombies and started coming after you?

What if… you discovered a monster living in your basement?

What if… the ghost stories you and your childhood friends used to tell… turned out to be true?

What if… you discovered a carnivorous plant… that ate people?

Good luck writing some more horror stories!

If you have any “What If?” writing prompt suggestions (for any theme), please feel free to share them in the comments below. Ideas I like may be featured in future “What If?” posts, with full credit and a link to your blog (if you have one)! Also, if you’ve written a piece based on an idea you’ve found here, be sure to link back to the respective “What If?” post. I would love to see what you’ve done with the prompt! Thank you!


Outside, the moon begins to rise.
You lie in bed and close your eyes.
Into a peaceful sleep, you fall,
Until the nightmares come to call.

You’re in a forest all alone
When suddenly, you hear a groan.
You turn and what should stop your breath?
A monstrous face that looks like Death.

You tell yourself it’s just a dream,
But then you hear the creature scream.
Oh, what a horrifying sound:
A roar that shakes the very ground.

As terror rises in your heart,
You stumble backwards with a start,
And faster than you knew you could,
You race into the haunted wood.

You turn a corner, two, and three,
But anywhere you try to flee,
The maze will always lead you back
Into the world of endless black.

You try to run, you try to hide.
There’s no escape; you’re trapped inside
This dreadful place of dark and gloom,
Where one wrong step means certain doom.

You dare to glance behind at last
And see the beast is gaining fast.
You close your eyes and start to pray
That somehow it will be okay.

Yet once you give in to the night,
The monster halts in blinding light,
And quickly as you saw its face,
It vanishes without a trace.

The warm bright light envelops you.
The cold dark black turns into blue.
You raise your head and breathe a sigh
To see the early morning sky.

You lie back down and rest your head,
Relieved to know you’re safe in bed.
The moon gave way to greet the sun.
The nightmare’s over. You have won.

Blood Moon

When the moon appears,
Demons rise to claim the night.
I could not escape.

It took just one bite
To transform me into this
Blood-thirsty creature.

I long for the days
When I used to be human.
Now I’m a monster.

Every night, I drink
The blood of innocent souls.
An eternal curse.

So heed this warning:
Vampires lurk in the shadows.
Beware the blood moon.

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