A Christmas Sonnet

‘Tis the season that ends another year,
A time we celebrate the Lord above.
The air is filled with warm holiday cheer
As families rejoice and share their love.

Evergreen trees are dressed in colored light
As door to door, the caroling choirs roam.
Outside, the falling snow paints the world white
While presents are exchanged in every home.

Children rush to the frosty windows quick
To try to see the magic reindeer fly,
Pulling the sleigh of Jolly Old Saint Nick,
Making his yearly trip across the sky.

God bless us all with peace in every way.
I wish you all a Merry Christmas Day!

Merry Christmas to all my family, friends, and readers who are celebrating! May you all have a blessed weekend and a wonderful holiday season!

Sonnet to my Favorite Hero

Today, you know I want to do something
For the best father any girl has had.
So here’s a poem that I’ve been writing
To thank you for being the greatest dad!

Thank you for all the times you make me smile
With all those silly words I know so well.
I love to sit and listen for a while
To all the stories you so love to tell.

I’m grateful for the lessons you give me
To help me be the best person I can.
In you, since I was little, I could see
The model of a kind and loving man.

You’re my favorite hero in every way.
I wish you all the best this Father’s Day!

Happy Father’s Day to my amazing dad! Thank you for always being my hero! God bless you always! I love you, Dad!

Sonnet to my Greatest Role Model

If there were only one thing I could do
To show you how you mean the world to me,
The best gift I could think to give to you
Would be to share my love poetically!

Today I thank you, Mom, for all the love
And care you’ve given me to help me grow.
Your lessons have been great examples of
The wisdom that I someday hope to know.

Your love has nurtured me throughout my life,
And your support has always seen me through.
Your model of a perfect mom and wife
Is one I hope that I can live up to!

For God to bless you always, do I pray.
I hope you have a Happy Mother’s Day!

Happy Mother’s Day to my incredible mom! Thank you for being the greatest role model I could ever ask for. God bless you always! I love you, Mom!

A Sonnet of Thanksgiving

I’m thankful for my loving family,
Whose guidance always helped me find my way.
Their patience and support have nurtured me
Into the person I’ve become today.

I’m thankful for the man I call my love,
Who fills my days with laughter and with bliss.
With him, I find a love sent from above
In every warm embrace and tender kiss.

I’m thankful for the stories I have read
That sparked my passion for the written word.
Into the world of books I’ve often fled,
And now at last my writer’s voice is heard.

To those I love, thank you for everything.
God bless you all, and Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving to all my family, friends, and readers! May you all have a blessed weekend!

Winter Blossom

I saw her on that cold December night,
A touch of color on the virgin snow.
The winter rose had just begun to grow,
And suddenly I knew true love’s first sight.

Her scarlet petals shamed the ivory white
Of snowflakes dancing in the moonlit glow.
She’d sing of summer days she longed to know,
And talk with me until the morning light.

Yet she had bloomed too soon to have it said
That she would live to feel the summer’s bliss
Before the frost could spirit her above.

Come spring, I found my winter rose lay dead.
In trembling hands, I blessed her with a kiss,
And shed a farewell tear for my lost love.

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