When I laughed as a young child,
Telling wild stories
And playing silly games;
When I cried throughout my teen years,
Over school troubles
And a broken heart;
When I made it through college
And proudly held up my diploma
For all my family to see,
She was there.

When I share the stories
That I write from my heart;
When I talk of the thoughts
Always running through my mind;
When I want someone to listen
To my questions and ideas,
She is there.

When I’m working for success;
When I publish my first books;
When I have a family of my own,
She’ll be there.

She’s a parent.
She’s a rock.
She’s a teacher.
She’s a guide.
She’s a role model.
She’s a hero.
She’s a friend.
And she’s so much more.

She’s the woman who
Was, is, will be
Always there for me:
My mother.

Happy Mother’s Day to my wonderful mom! I can’t thank you enough for everything you’ve done for me – and continue to do for me – my whole life. You’re a great inspiration, and one of the most incredible people I know. Thank you for being my hero; I couldn’t have asked for a better mother.

God bless you always! I love you, Mom!

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