Deep in the cavern it sleeps,
Silent as the shadows,
Still as the earth.
And as it lies in rest,
The land is at peace
And all is well.

But at the turn of the moon,
The creature awakens
And chaos reigns once more.

It emerges from its lair,
Eyes gleaming, teeth bared,
And emits a mighty roar
That shakes the earth
And the souls of men alike.
And a fearful whisper sweeps
Across the land,
“Beware the beast…”

Claws unsheathed,
It rampages through the world,
Slashing out at all
Who would cross its path,
Tearing through flesh
And spilling the blood
Of the innocent.
At the slightest provocation,
It rears its great head
And shrieks a piercing cry
That shatters many ears
And fractures many hearts.
It twists its body
To constrict its victims,
Forcing out their breath
Until they’re gasping for air,
Then leaves them broken
In its wake.

Yet when the moon turns away
The creature retreats.
Docile once more,
It succumbs to the control
Of its one true master
And withdraws into its lair
To sleep again.

The master sets about
Repairing the damage,
Healing the wounds
Of the injured
And fixing what the monster
Left broken.

Peace settles on the land,
And all is well again.
But the master never rests,
And stands ever ready,
For as everyone knows,
At the next turn of the moon,
The dragon will rise again.

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