A little lump of coal
Is plain to any eye.
A star amid a million
Can be lost within in the sky.
Any loyal loving dog
Seems the same as all the rest.
And a man within a crowd
Needs to prove that he’s the best.

But place enormous pressure
On that little lump of coal,
And you’ll see that it will change,
Soon to play a different role.

No two stars are quite the same,
Each unique, a special one.
Some are small and burn out quickly,
Some are brighter than the sun.

The dog that seems so common
Proves a true and caring friend.
Through the greatest trials in life,
He’ll stick by you to the end.

So a man of endless value
Is a star in every way.
As a husband and a father,
He proves loyal every day.
Try to break him; he’ll survive,
And you’ll see when times are tough
That the man you thought was plain
Is a diamond in the rough.

Happy Father’s Day to my amazing dad! Thank you so much for everything you do for me; it means the world. You’ll always be a hero in my eyes, and one of my greatest role models. I’m so lucky to have you as a father.

God bless you always! I love you, Dad!

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