Her world was normal. She had a loving family, great friends, a good school and a happy home. Her days were filled with the the average musings of any young girl trying to find her place in the world. She had a normal life. But she didn’t know how much more exciting that life could be.

Until the day she picked up a digital camera and discovered her gift for making films.

Suddenly, the world had become her playground. Now she had control over everything around her. She could make people do and say whatever she wanted. She could tell her younger sister to act silly, fall down, make a fool of herself, and know she would actually want to. She could ask her older sister for favors and have them done her way. She could channel her wit into hilarious scripts that would entertain others and bring smiles to the faces of the people she loved. She had discovered the power to turn the world upside down. She was an artist.

She loves the world. She loves her family, her friends, her days at school and at home. She loves her life.

Sometimes it’s all just more exciting through the lens, for behind the camera is the brave young woman she always wanted to be.

Happy Birthday to my incredible sister and favorite filmmaker! Best of luck to you in all your future endeavors. Keep making those awesome movies! I love you!

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