My love,
My life,
My music.

What would I do,
Who would I be,
How could I live
Without you?

I remember when I first saw you.
Your dark and light tones contrasting
Were a vision of perfect beauty.
The first time I heard your voice,
Singing sweet melodious notes,
You moved me to tears.
The first time I ever touched you,
I felt a spark like an electric wire,
And I knew I was finally whole.

Do you remember our song,
The first melody we played together?
It was sweet and gentle,
But there was passion in every note.
With every stroke,
A spark would ignite.
With every chord,
The fire in me grew.
With every measure,
I felt more alive,
And I know I felt life in you too.

For years you’ve enchanted me
With your spell.
Like a siren’s song
To a weary traveler,
Your sound has bewitched me
And lured me away
From the desolate banks
Of monotony
To ivory shores
Streaked with ebony
And singing of eternal bliss.

I could do nothing;
I would be no one;
I couldn’t live
Without you.

My music,
My life,
My love.


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