(Flash Fiction Contest Winner!)

She didn’t tell me she was pregnant until the end of the session.

Four years I’d been with Lorraine. She should have known I hate surprises.

“Say something, Charles.”

What could I say? I love my wife; I didn’t want anything to ruin what we had. Not even a child.

“Anything, please.”

She watched me scribble on a pad I pulled from my pocket. I walked up to her chair and dropped a cashier’s check for fifty thousand dollars in her lap before finally leaving her alone with one last haunting farewell.

“Tomorrow, I start looking for a new therapist.”

This piece was my entry for the Flash Fiction Contest recently held by Writer’s Carnival. The rule was to write any story as long as it was exactly 100 words in length. After winning first place with my story (yay!), I decided to share it here on my blog for others to read. Enjoy!

Special thanks to Writer’s Carnival for hosting the contest! Thank you again for naming me the winner! I’m honored!

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