Keep going!
This is great!
I really like that part!
You know you can do it!

What are you doing?
What is this trash?
No one else will read this!
Nobody would like it.

Don’t give up!
You can still make it better.
Try something like this.
Maybe rewrite that scene.

That’s even worse!
Couldn’t you go the other way?
What if this part were different?
Readers will want another ending.

Forget the readers;
You have to like it first.
Are you happy with it yet?
Are you ready for feedback?

Don’t go for critique yet!
You know you want to edit more.
You’re better than this!
Let’s see what else you’ve got.

I think it’s fine like this!
You’re already a good writer.

But you don’t want to be good;
You want to be great!

But you are great!
You love what you write!

No, you’re on your way to great.
Readers have to love what you write.

There you go!
That’s pretty good now.

That’s better.
You definitely improved it.

Is it good enough for you?

Is it good enough for readers?

Great! Now go and show it to the world.

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