OrchidsVisions of beauty are they.
Open petals,
Vivid colors,
Strong leaves.
In full bloom,
In the prime of their life,
They are her pride and joy.

She smiles at their beauty.
She speaks highly of their blooms,
Coloring her home
And bringing light into her world.
Such beautiful flowers
Are her beloved orchids.

But what would flowers be
Without a caretaker?

Their petals would droop.
Their colors would fade.
Their leaves would wilt.
The very life in them would vanish
Into the memory
Of an ephemeral spring.

For it is she who provides comfort,
She who waters them,
She who talks to them,
And she who urges them to live.

They would be nothing
Without her care,
Without her encouragement,
Without her affection.

The orchids may be
The most beautiful flowers,
But they owe their life to her
For her nurturing love.

Happy Birthday to my wonderful mother! Thank you for all the love and care you’ve given me my whole life; I wouldn’t be who I am today without you. I love you!

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