I’m lying in his arms.
The world is gone.
It’s just the two of us.

As I lay with my head to his chest,
I feel his heartbeat.
Mine grows faster.
I hear his slow breathing.
My breathing quickens.
I sense him drifting off to sleep.
And I smile as I let him.

Such passion…
Such pleasure…

How did I come to be here?
Even now, I can’t recall
How fortune delivered me
Into his arms.
Fate has smiled kindly at me.

I sense his heartbeat growing calm.
His breathing is slow and steady.
His eyes are closed.

With a racing heart,
Rapid breathing,
And a bright smile,
I turn to face him.

I lean forth
And softly kiss his chest.
I raise my head
And gently kiss his neck.
I raise myself a little higher
And sweetly kiss his cheek.

Then I lean in close to his ear,
And while he dreams peacefully,
I whisper my confession,
My reality, to him…

“I love you.”

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