They say I’m different.
They say I’m unusual.
They say that I’m beautiful,
That I’m intelligent,
That I’m talented.

But they think I’m unhappy.

They look at me and wonder,
“Why doesn’t she smile?
Why doesn’t she laugh?
Why doesn’t she talk?”

They don’t know me.

I am smiling.
I do laugh.
And I have no need to talk.
Why should I bother?
No one really listens to me anyway,
At least, not here.

But I’m not here.
I’m far away,
Drifting in my own thoughts,
In my own world,
Where no one can catch me
Or pin me down.

They go about their own boring lives.
They follow the same routine every day.
Not me.
That life is not mine.
I never had it,
And I never want it.
My days shall be free
Of dreadful, boring routine
For as long as I live.

I am smiling.
I do laugh.
And I don’t bother talking.

They don’t know me.
They don’t hear me.
They don’t see me.
And I don’t care.

Because I’m free.

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