Yes, it’s time for another round of Writers Reveal! Today’s topic comes from the newest member of our circle, Emily Toxward, who sent me the prompt “circling helicopters”. Here’s the short story I wrote based on that idea. Hope you like it! Thanks for the topic, Emily!

Rescue Me

Rescue Helicopter (CC Image by Sheba_Also via Flickr)

Rescue Helicopter
(CC Image by Sheba_Also via Flickr)

Circle overhead… searching for a lost soul…

My heart is pounding in my ears. The pain is sharp and constant. The air around me is cool on the breeze.

I wait. I’ve been waiting for hours. I may be here for a few more. Is anyone looking for me?

I know I shouldn’t have gone off the trail. But I wanted to be adventurous. I wanted to explore. Just once, I wanted to prove them wrong, show them that I’m not always so afraid, that I can live on the edge too.

And look where it’s gotten me. Maybe they were right all along.

I still think I could have made it if those darn rocks hadn’t slipped. Now I’m lost and trapped, with nothing but the wind and my own breathing to break the silence.

And the occasional whirring noise in the distance, like the one approaching now.

This is the third helicopter to pass in two hours. Or maybe it’s the same one on its third lap around the mountain. It’s hard to tell when it blends into the clouds of the evening sky.

“I’m here!” Yet again, I try to get its attention, waving my arms while trying not to move my injured leg. “Look at me! Please…”

I wince as my foot brushes against the fallen rocks. Yes, it’s definitely broken; my leg doesn’t normally bend that way.

“Help me…” The cold is so overbearing, I can hardly get the words out anymore. Not that they’d hear me anyway. But with a broken limb, my options are limited.

I watch the helicopter pass overhead. Curse these trees! Why couldn’t I have fallen on open ground? I’d have been rescued ages ago!

Wait, what’s that? In the face of a darkening sky and a rising moon, a searchlight now appears under the helicopter. By some miracle, the light finds its way to my patch of earth. Yes! Surely they can see me now!

But will they reach me in time?

The sound of howling suddenly pierces the evening air. Not now, please not now. They’re so close! I can already hear the whirring getting louder again…

The sunlight is fading fast. I’m too exhausted to move anymore. The howling grows louder, but I swear I can see the aircraft turning around. It must be coming back for me… It must…

The world around me grows dark. All I can see anymore is that beacon of hope in the sky. I close my eyes and wait for the rotating blades of salvation to reach me before the mountain beasts do…

Helicopters circle overhead, all day searching for a lost soul to rescue. It doesn’t matter if this one’s for me; the next one will find me for sure.

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