A movie is like a painting.
A vision of art for the eyes,
The artist projects it for the world
So that viewers may gaze
Upon its beauty.
Its colors and shapes are a landscape,
With a range of depth and movement
As envisioned by its creator.
Like a painting,
A movie evokes emotion.
It stirs the mind
And touches the heart.
It gives a glimpse of another world.
Like the classic still paintings
Hanging in many a museum,
So is the movie
A work of art.

A book is like a door.
Dull and common it appears
As it stands still and untouched,
Waiting to fulfill its only function.
No beauty arises from a still frame;
Its beauty lies in its purpose.
Like a door,
A book does nothing when untouched.
But when opened,
It becomes a gateway into another world.
In a change of scenery
Lie the colors and shapes,
The depth and movement,
The beauty one seeks
In a vision of art for the mind.
Like many simple doors
Standing innocently in their frames,
So is the book
A portal for art.

A movie can only take you so far.
It has its twists and turns,
Its sights and sounds.
But at the end of the ride,
You find yourself right back where you started.
Because to take you somewhere new,
A movie relies
On someone else’s imagination.

A book can take you anywhere.
Its paths can be straight or crooked,
Colored or grayed.
At the end of the ride,
You find yourself in a different world.
Because to take you somewhere new,
A book relies
On your imagination.

Please, keep your paintings.
I’ll show myself the door.

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