As I think about
The year gone by,
I smile at the memories
Of 2013,
For I realize
There’s much to celebrate.

But what should I
Celebrate most?

Is it the blog I’ve started?
It’s a big step
Toward my dream.
I’m free to write about
My thoughts and feelings,
And I’m happy to know
Readers enjoy my words.

Is it the stories I’ve written?
I’m very proud
Of the tales I tell.
They’ve opened up
New doors for me,
And they show my voice
To the world.

Is it the people I’ve met?
They’ve been so supportive
Of my writing.
I’ve made some good friends
In the blogosphere,
And I’m glad we can share
In the journey of storytelling.

No, what I should celebrate most
Is the love I’ve always had in my life.
The people I love
Visit my blog,
Read my stories,
Support my writing,
And always make me
Feel special.

I’ll always celebrate
The people I love most,
Because they make
Every year wonderful.

So here’s to the end
Of a great 2013,
And may 2014
Be just as awesome!
Happy New Year!

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