The hour draws near. Everyone gathers round as the clock hands inch toward the twelve. Almost midnight. Time to head to the beach.

We walk down the path to the shore, surrounded by people heading the same way. We’re all excited for the show that happens every year. We rarely miss the chance to see it on this special night.

The sandy shore is crowded with people ready to start anew. We gather close to the water and pull out the glass bottle and cups. Five minutes now.

The waves roll calmly up the beach. Singing and shouting fills the night. Each of us takes a cup as Dad pours the champagne. We don’t care to join in the loud festivities. We’re content just to be with each other.

Someone starts to count. Ten, nine… We all gather closer as everyone joins in. Eight, seven, six… We think back on all the memories of the past year. Five, four… We hope for even greater times ahead. Three, two, one…

Bright explosions of light and sound fill the sky. Everyone cheers as midnight arrives, bringing the famous fireworks and the beginning of a promising new time. We all share in a toast and exchange hugs and kisses, looking forward to starting a brand new year together. It’s going to be the best yet!

Colors in the sky
Start off Year Twenty-Fourteen
Have a great new year!

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