I knew I could find a nice home. I didn’t know it would be in somebody’s house.

I knew my new home would have all the food I could possibly want. I didn’t know I would have to take it from somebody else.

I knew I would feel guilty if I had to steal food. I didn’t know having a conscience would get me into so much trouble.

I knew the garbage would be easy to reach without being seen by the people. I didn’t know they had a cat.

I knew I could escape from her through the kitchen. I didn’t know someone would be in there with a knife.

I knew my tail would never grow back. I didn’t know I would miss it so much.

I knew life wouldn’t always be easy. I didn’t know how hard it would be to go days without food.

I knew I might find some free cheese lying around if I looked. I didn’t know what would happen if I took it.

I knew I could find a nice home. I didn’t know someone like me could find Paradise.

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