They say there’s nothing like
A first kiss,
And thinking back on ours,
I have to say they’re right.

Do you remember
The magic we felt
On that Valentine’s Day?

We stopped by the point
Overlooking the garden.
What a lovely view it was,
Full of trees that stretched out
To the horizon.

You took me in your arms
And whispered in my ear
The beautiful words
That made my heart
Skip a beat.

Then you moved
A little closer
Until our lips touched,
And the next thing I knew,
I was getting lost in you.
It was soft, gentle, passionate.
An absolutely perfect kiss.

Some might say it’s cliché,
But I swear that for
That one sweet moment,
The world really did
Stop turning.

As you looked into
My eyes again,
I could see
The joy in yours.
I smiled with you,
For I felt it too:
We were in Heaven.

There’s nothing like
A first kiss
With someone you already love.

Dedicated to that special someone whose kisses always make me feel so loved. Happy Anniversary, and Happy Valentine’s Day! I love you, sweetheart!

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