Standing here within my bedroom,
Looking through the open window,
Staring out onto the street,
I see nothing.

Lying still upon my bed
As the sun recedes outside,
Breathing slowly, my eyes closed,
I hear nothing.

When I walk across my campus,
When I move along the streets,
When I stand at my front door,
I feel nothing.

Why am I here?
It was no fault of mine.
It was no choice of mine.
It was no wish of mine.

And yet, here I am.
In a world where I am blind,
In a world where I am deaf,
In a world where I don’t feel.

I am lost.
But I will be found.

I look out my open window.
To the north, I turn my gaze.
The horizon in the distance
Hides a place of better days.

For beyond the north horizon
Lie the promises of change.

The promise of dreams,
The promise of hope,
The promise of love.

My body is here.
My mind is here.
But my heart wanders elsewhere,
In that land to the north.

My past was not here.
My future is not here.
My life will not be here.
Not here, but in the north.

So come and find me where I lie.
Hear me as I breathe a sigh.
See me as I close my eyes
And very gently start to cry.

Come sit beside me, wipe my tears.
Raise my hopes and drown my fears.
Tell me that you’re here today
So I can smile and hear you say
That you came to take me away.

Yet another old poem I recently dug up. This one was written a few years ago, at a time when I was feeling especially homesick for America. I hope you enjoy what I’ve written. Thanks for reading!

I was inspired to share this poem after reading this blog post by Vanessa Levin-Pompetzki. You should totally check out her blog. She’s pretty awesome!

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