So I figured it was time for another Writer’s Toolkit post, as it’s been a while since I’ve shared one. While trying to decide which tool to write about next, I realized I haven’t yet mentioned an essential one that’s been especially useful in my experience as a writer. So to name another indispensable item for the serious artist, here’s a brief review of one of my personal favorites: the pocket notebook.

Moleskine Classic Pocket Notebook

Moleskine Classic Pocket Notebook

The pocket notebook I use was a Christmas present from my cousin, one of several people in my family who know of my passion for creative writing. She told me it was for carrying around in my pocket or backpack so I could jot down ideas as they came to me. So that’s what I did, and ever since, it’s been a handy tool for taking notes while on the go. I use it to keep track of random thoughts, lists of blog post ideas, possible story titles, etc. It’s always great to have with me whenever I go out!

One of my favorite places to take my notebook is the airport. While sitting in the café waiting for arrivals, I like to observe people around me and try to imagine what their stories might be, and these thoughts sometimes become notes that I could use later on. Another fun use for my notebook is keeping track of the observations I make about nature when I sit outside, as these often become inspiration for poetry. Being naturally forgetful, keeping a written record of my observations has been immensely helpful for my fictional works.

Much like the journal I’ve written about before, my notebook serves a useful purpose as a collection of the scraps of ideas that come out of my head. This gives me a clear vision of my thought processes, especially the more random and incomplete ones that don’t appear in my journal. This also makes my notebook a great source of inspiration whenever I hit a creative block. Sometimes notes that seemed like simple observations at the time of writing turn out to be good ideas for fiction. So don’t neglect to record your thoughts while you’re out and about. You may discover something in your notes later on that you never even realized was there!


Advantages of Carrying a Pocket Notebook

  • Always be prepared when new ideas strike
  • Write down observations as they happen
  • Keep scraps in one collection
  • Maintain source of possible inspiration for future writing

A pocket notebook is a great tool for any writer, especially fiction writers who are constantly seeking new ideas for stories. If you find that inspiration often strikes at unpredictable and even inconvenient moments, you should definitely consider keeping a small notebook with you at all times. The writer in your mind will thank you!


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