To stop me in my tracks,
To root me to the spot,
To fix my subtle gaze,
It takes one look.

To slow my racing heart,
To make me catch my breath,
To chill me to my core,
It takes one breath.

To make my heartbeat skip,
To take away the world,
To make me feel alive,
It takes one kiss.

One look,
One breath,
One kiss,
From you.

And all my fears will fade
As all my dreams come true
In one romantic kiss
With you.

So hold me in your arms
And love me all your life,
And always I will live
To be with you.

And every look I spare,
And every breath I take,
And every kiss I give
Will be for you.

My love,
My life,
My One.

Yet another old poem I dug up. As you can imagine, I wrote this while thinking about someone special. Fun fact: he was so inspired by my poem that he wrote music for it and used these words as lyrics. For now the song is just between us, but maybe we’ll share it someday. Hope you enjoy the piece! Thanks for reading!

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