You may think
I have a dozen reasons
Not to miss you.
You may think
We’ve grown apart,
That I don’t think of you often,
That I no longer care.

But the truth is that
For every reason I may have
Not to miss you
Now and then,
I have a dozen more
To miss you like crazy
Every day.

I miss your sharp wit
That never failed
To make us laugh.
I miss your beautiful face
That always made the room
A little brighter.
I miss your clever projects
That kept us entertained
For hours on end.
I miss your caring nature
That made the rest of us
Feel so loved.

I miss the time we used to spend
Watching dozens of funny videos.
I miss the nights we used to stay up
Talking and laughing.
I miss the games we used to play,
The songs we used to sing,
The stories we used to tell
Of the life we had growing up.

But most of all,
I miss knowing that nearby,
I always have my lifelong friend.

Know that I wish you all the best
In your life out there,
And always remember that
No matter where you are,
I miss you every day,
And I love you.

Happy Birthday to my awesome little sister! Wishing you the very best on your special day and in everything you do in life! Miss you so much! I love you!

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