Oh how I love you,
Sweet icy treat,
A rainbow of flavors
I’m longing to eat.

From soft hues of cream
To bright fruity tones,
In small plastic bowls
Or big waffle cones.

Vanilla with syrup
Or chocolate with nuts.
Sprinkles on strawberry
Or coconut.

Double fudge brownie,
Mint chocolate chip,
Rocky road, cherry
And caramel dip.

Cookies ‘n’ cream,
Peanut butter swirl,
Butter pecan
And vanilla fudge twirl.

Orange, banana
And pineapple too.
Mango or lemon
Or berries of blue.

And pistachio.
Cheesecake with berries
Or coffee to go.

Sweet neapolitan:
Three-in-one deal.
Soothing green tea
For an exotic feel.

One flavor, two flavors,
Five all in one,
Great to enjoy
In the heat of the sun.

Oh how I love you,
Dear icy sweet.
Twenty-five flavors
Make one perfect treat.

As you can imagine, the idea for this poem came to me while I was feeling both hot and hungry. Hope all of you in the Northern Hemisphere are enjoying your summer!

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