What is the best kind of love?

Is it love at first sight?
That rush you feel
When you first set eyes
On that beloved person?
The idea that fate
Brought you together
And nothing in the world
Could tear you apart?

Is it love based on mutual interest?
The safe path of dating
Until you find someone
Who matches you perfectly?
The comfort of knowing
You’ve finally found
That one person
Who makes you truly happy?

Is it love that started as hate?
The endless passionate fire
Turned upside-down?
The surprise of discovering
That someone you could
Never live with
Becomes someone you could
Never live without?

Or is it love born from friendship?
Knowing your partner
From the inside out?
Having someone with whom
To share your deepest thoughts,
Your greatest dreams,
Your darkest fears?
Always believing
You have somebody close
Who you can trust completely?
Being one half of a whole
Who have nothing to hide
From one another
And who love each other
For exactly who they are?

Yes, love comes in many forms,
But the best kind of love
Is a love that was
Always true from the start.

Dedicated to my parents, who taught me that the best way to fall in love is with your best friend. May your Happily Ever After truly last forever! I love you both so much!

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