Oh lady, my lady
With long raven hair.
There isn’t a soul
Who would not stop and stare.

Your eyes are like diamonds
That sparkle so bright.
And with that physique,
You could win any fight.

You tower above us,
So wonderfully tall.
An amazon woman,
The fairest of all.

And though some would say
That it’s terribly weird,
Your loveliest trait
Is your long scruffy beard.

Based on a circus-themed writing prompt from Writer’s Carnival: Ode to the Lady.

You don’t know what it is, but the bearded lady holds some magical attraction for you. But she won’t give you the time of day. You decide to express your love in verse. Write a poem, any style, to the bearded lady. Examples of some poetry forms would be free verse, sonnet, limerick, ode, ballad, etc.

Though I wrote this poem in less than 15 minutes, I’m quite pleased with how it turned out. I hope you enjoy what I’ve written. Thanks for reading!

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