It’s you and me, sweetheart.

Don’t be afraid. Forget the crowd, the lights, the world. Just like we practiced, all alone in the tent every night.

Follow my lead: reach out your gentle trunk and lift me into the air. I’ll climb aboard, and we’ll dance in the ring like only the stars are watching.

Everyone will love us, but we don’t dance for them. We don’t dance for anyone but us.

Tonight, baby, it’s only you and me.

Based on a circus-themed writing prompt from Writer’s Carnival: Class Act.

Using 100 words or less, write about a circus act. […] You can describe it, write about it from the POV of the circus performer, or even make up your own circus act.

The circus act I chose was a dance between a trainer and her beloved elephant partner. I hope you enjoy what I’ve written. Thanks for reading!

Note: for the record, I consider the use of animals in circus performing highly unethical and am strongly against it (which is why the only circus I really like is Cirque du Soleil). I simply took advantage of a circus-themed writing prompt to portray an emotional bond between a human and an elephant, as I consider elephants to be among the most fascinating creatures in the world. Thank you!

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