A pair of rabbits hopping by,
A fox in hot pursuit.
A gentleman plays cello
While a lady plays the flute.

A blooming flower smiles
At a feather on the breeze.
A mouse hides in the corner
With a stolen piece of cheese.

A pirate ship goes sailing
On the early morning tide.
A whale swims within its wake,
Its great jaws open wide.

An arrow streaks across the sky,
Shot from an archer’s bow.
A sapling sprouts, and soon enough,
A tree begins to grow.

Circles, squares and diamonds
All seem oddly out of place
In a world with mermaids, dragons
And a giant human face.

Spotting complex figures
Is a pastime that I love.
How many shapes can you see
In the summer clouds above?

Based on a writing prompt from Writer’s Carnival: Cloud Shaping.

You are lying on your back with your best friend watching the clouds go by. Write a shortish poem about the shapes you see.

It may not exactly be “shortish”, but I had fun writing this poem nonetheless. I hope you enjoy what I’ve written. Thanks for reading!

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