Do you remember me?
How much can you now see?
Are all your memories there,
Wherever you may be?

I wanted to believe
That you would never leave,
That we’d never see the day
When we would have to grieve.

Yet I saw how much they’d strain.
I knew you were in pain,
That all their love and care
Would only be in vain.

Could you recognize
The sadness in our eyes?
How every name you’d say
Would come as a surprise?

I’m sure you always knew
The people there for you.
Your memory was strong
As your love for us was true.

And now that you are gone,
Somehow we must move on.
The pain had gone too long,
But the peace has finally won.

So please remember me
Wherever you may be.
Look down on me with grace
And see my smiling face
To know at last you’re free.

In loving memory of my grandfather, who lived his last years with Alzheimer’s before he passed away. I love you, Grandpa! I hope you remember us where you are now. We’ll certainly always remember you.

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