You used to be so powerful.
You could do whatever you wanted.
You could get away with anything.
Because I let you.

You had such control over me.
Anything you said, I believed.
If you said it wasn’t worth it,
I agreed without thinking.
If you said I should give up,
I would stop on the spot.
If you said I would fail,
I wouldn’t even try.

But I realize now
That you were in my way,
That I could be so much more
Without you to stop me.
Now I’ve finally had enough.
I’m sick of holding back.
I’m tired of being afraid.

So go away, Fear.
Take your empty threats
And vanish into thin air.
You don’t control me anymore.

I’m in charge now.
I’m taking back my life.
You are powerless,
And I, at long last, am free.

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