“Check it out! I got one!”

“Lemme see, lemme see!”

“Careful! Don’t let it get away. You got the jar?”

“Right here.”

“Great. Here goes… Quick, shut the lid!”

“Wow, it’s glowing!”

“Look! Here’s another one!”

“And another one! I wanna try!”

“Steady… You got it! Put it in the jar with the others.”

“There’s so many!”

“I told ya, Ginny! Tons of ’em come out in summer!”

“But why? What are they, Tommy?”

“Oh, they’re, um… They’re stars.”


“Yeah! Every summer, stars fall out of the sky and fly around the fields.”

“But why do they come here?”

“Because they’re, um… they’re looking for love. And there’s lots of it here.”

“There is?”

“Sure! I’ll show you. Close your eyes, Ginny.”

“Tommy! Did you just… kiss me?”


“Does that mean…?”

“Maybe. What do you think?”

“I think… you should close your eyes too.”

“Ginny! So you…?”

“Yes, I do, Tommy.”

“Then I guess they got it right.”

“Me too. I think the stars picked the best place in the world to look for summer love.”

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