The Good Old Days

“Remember the old days, when people used to cheer ‘Strongman!’ every time I threw a car at a villain and stopped him cold?”

“Now you’d get sued ’cause they just finished paying it off.”

“What about you, Lightning Girl? Your super speed used to be the talk of the town! What happened?”

“There’s nowhere to run anymore! A new building pops up in this city every month; the longest stretch of road anywhere is two blocks. That’s barely half a step!”

“At least invisibility still counts for something, right?”

“Hardly, Invisi-Boy! Kids today are so glued to their phones, they wouldn’t see a whale if it dropped out of the sky riding an army tank on fire!”

“What happened to the good old days?”

“Those days are long gone, my friend. Long gone indeed.”

Based on a superhero-themed writing prompt from Writer’s Carnival: Goooood Old Days!

You’re in the superhero old folks home. Write a banter piece about the “Good Old Days”. Dialogue only, no more than 12 lines.

I hope you enjoy what I’ve written. Thanks for reading!

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