As I lay back on the bed
And you lay over me,
I look up at your face
Smiling down at me,
And I think to myself,
He has such beautiful eyes.

Dark brown eyes,
So warm and inviting.
When they look into mine,
I can see the love in them,
The kindness,
The humility,
The passion.
And when I look back into them,
I feel at peace.

Those eyes say so much
Even when his lips
Don’t say a word.
They tell me such sweet things:
I adore you,
I want you,
I need you,
I love you.
And they always perfectly match
The feelings in my heart.

I know those eyes
Belong to a man
Who cares for me,
Who respects me,
Who treats me well and
Who loves me
With all his heart.
And I know that when I’m with him,
I am home.

All this takes but a second
To cross my mind,
But that one second
Is more than enough.
I smile back up at you,
Pull you close,
And kiss your lips,
Elated to know that
Only I will ever see
The true depth of the love
In your beautiful brown eyes.

Happy Birthday to my adoring boyfriend! Thank you for filling my days with so much happiness and love! I love you, sweetheart!

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