It was the most delicious thing I had ever eaten.

You never forget your first taste, my father had told me. Oh, how right he was. I had tried to resist my instinct, but I couldn’t any longer.

My mouth watered long after the last bite. The monthly helpings of rabbit and fox I had known until now were nothing compared to this. Such succulent meat; not too bony and just the right amount of blood and fat to make it juicy without being heavy. And the crispy skin? Sublime! What a great idea to roast it first! I was lucky not to overcook it. Fires made with the clumsy paws of a wolf have a way of going awry.

As I sucked the last bits of meat off the bones, I heard rustling from afar. Following the call of the moon, I slunk toward the dim light in the distance, careful to stay hidden as the glowing torches came into view. The next sight to meet my eyes made me grin.

Three more foolish humans wandering through the woods, no doubt searching for the first. How predictable.

I licked my lips as I crouched in the shadows, more than ready for a second taste. Tonight I was going to eat very well.

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