How about some more fun with quotes? Last week, I was nominated for a Quotes Challenge by Millie Thom! Thanks for the nomination, Millie! It’s the first time I’ve been tagged in one of these, but the rules of the challenge are pretty simple:

  1. Post three different quotes on consecutive days. They can be from any source or your own. The three quotes can be of a similar theme or can all be completely different/unrelated.
  2. Nominate three people for the challenge.

The theme I chose for my quotes is one that has spoken to me since I was a child: individuality! Growing up, I never felt like I fit in with the “normal” kids, which is why I often took refuge in books. My love of reading inspired me to express myself through writing and embrace the quirkiness that makes me who I am, and I’m never happier than when I’m just being myself. Individuality is a virtue that’s lost on so many people, so for this challenge, I picked out three of my favorite quotes that celebrate being different and unique. I hope they’ll inspire you to love being yourself too!

And yes, I know I’m supposed to post these over three days in a row, but since I’m pretty strict about blogging mainly on Wednesdays, I decided to share my three chosen quotes in one fell swoop. I hope that’s okay! Let’s just say for the record that these count for yesterday, today, and tomorrow.

Three Quotes on Individuality


The wizards represent all that the true ‘muggle’ most fears: They are plainly outcasts and comfortable with being so. Nothing is more unnerving to the truly conventional than the unashamed misfit! – J.K. Rowling

The Harry Potter books were a major part of my childhood, and this quote by author J.K. Rowling perfectly sums up why I related so much to her characters. Reading about Harry’s adventures made me believe there was something special about being different, and the fact that I didn’t fit in somehow made me magical too. So don’t be afraid to be an outcast; it’s way better than being a Muggle!

Dr Seuss Quote Be Who You Are

The best advice I ever heard: โ€œBe who you are and say what you feel because people who mind donโ€™t matter and people who matter donโ€™t mind.โ€ – Dr. Seuss

The short version of this quote is often mistakenly credited to Dr. Seuss, but its true origin is unknown. Nevertheless, it’s one of my favorite pieces of advice for those who are afraid to be themselves. Never let anyone shame you into trying to fit in, because your true friends are the ones who love you just the way you are!

Mark Twain Quote Majority

Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect. – Mark Twain

Mark Twain was a man of many wise words and witty sayings. Never one for convention, he had plenty of thoughts on the foolishness of mankind, and one of my favorites is his quote about majority. Humanity is notoriously ignorant, so when we find ourselves agreeing with what most people are saying, can we really be sure we’re on the right side?

These are my three quotes on individuality! And now for my chosen nominees:

My Nominees

  1. Jennifer Zeiger
  2. Inion N. Mathair
  3. Jane Dougherty

I hope you enjoyed these quotes, and may they inspire you to be your wonderful self! Thanks again for the challenge, Millie!

What are your thoughts on these quotes? Do you have any favorite quotes about individuality?

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