If I Could Be With You

If I could be with you today,
I’d never leave your side.
I’d stay with you from dawn to dusk
And through the eventide.

If I could spend the day with you,
I’d make it so much fun.
We’d play all day and through the night
Until the morning sun.

If I could hold you close today,
I’d never let you go.
I’d smother you with snuggles
(As you only too well know).

If I could touch your lips today,
I’d kiss you long and deep.
You’d know from all my passion
That my love is yours to keep.

But I can’t have you for a day
Until I know for sure
That I can have you all my life,
Now and forevermore.

Someday I’ll be with you again,
And then we’ll know at last
The perfect days together
That we’ve missed in years gone past.

So wait for me, my love; someday,
We’ll make our dreams come true.
Until that day, remember
That I always will love you!

Happy Valentine’s Day to my adoring boyfriend! Thank you for always loving me so much, no matter how far apart we are. I love you, sweetheart!

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