When it comes to looking for creative inspiration, sometimes you needn’t look farther than your own family. Plenty of my characters and stories have been inspired by my family members (you know who you are), but today I’d like to honor someone special by focusing on the inspiration that can be found in some of our oldest and most beloved relatives: grandparents!

So for today, here are three creative writing themes that can be found in the loving relationships shared with our grandparents! Enjoy!

I_love_my_grandma_and_grandpa1) Family Love

There’s no love like family love, and speaking from experience, grandparents have a lot of that to offer. My grandparents always treated me and my sisters like the greatest treasure of their lives when we were growing up, and that love remains strong with us today, even if most of our grandparents no longer are. In fact, some of my favorite love stories and poems to write aren’t even about romance, but family. It’s the most unconditional kind of love you can find, so if you were lucky enough to be spoiled by your grandparents growing up, I highly recommend using that experience as inspiration for some sweet family love stories of your own!

2) Family History

As I’ve mentioned in the past, grandparents can be excellent sources of stories about your own family history. Most grandparents do love to tell stories about their lives, and those stories can be extremely valuable to a young audience, especially budding writers. It’s only natural to want to know where you come from and what mistakes you should avoid making as you grow older (even though you’ll probably make most of them anyway), so if your grandparents are still around, it may be worth sitting in for a few experience-based history lessons if you haven’t yet. Who knows? Your grandparents may just help you find inspiration for your most interesting writing in the stories of your own family’s past!

3) Respect for elders

If you have childhood memories of your grandparents, you may remember being taught to treat them with the utmost respect. No matter how much they spoiled you or treated you like a close friend, you were still expected to listen to them and always put them first. At least, my sisters and I were. Showing respect for our elders is an important lesson that we should practice our whole lives, so as long as you hold on to those memories of respecting your grandparents, you’ll likely find it easier to write older characters and their relationships, especially with younger characters. After all, if there’s one thing grandparents love to teach their grandchildren, it’s the value of healthy and loving relationships!

What about you? Have you ever found creative inspiration in your grandparents? What kinds of stories or poetry have they inspired?

Today’s post is dedicated to my grandmother, whose love has always been a wonderful inspiration to me. Happy Birthday, Grandma! I love you!

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