To be the middle sister
Is a blessing and a curse.
To one sister, you’re the “better”;
To the other, you’re the “worse”.

When it comes to being older,
You’ve had gifts enough to give
To the younger of your siblings,
Who adores the life you live.

At the same time, being younger
Must have been a challenge too,
Growing up with someone older
Who made life so tough for you.

Yet the sister who’s your elder,
Who pretends to reign supreme,
Is in fact a little envious
Of your life lived like a dream.

But regardless of her envy,
She adores you just the same,
And she couldn’t be more proud
Of the person you became.

So today, my dearest sister,
Please allow me just to say
That I love you very much
And hope you have a great birthday!

Happy Birthday to my amazing little sister! Keep being the wonderful person you are! I love you!

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