My darling baby sister,
You’ve always been to me
A gift sent from above,
The baby of the family.

My lovely baby sister,
You know this is a crime,
The way you’re getting older
Like you’re fast-forwarding time?

Adoring baby sister,
I wish you’d understand
Growing up is overrated,
Nothing special, nothing grand.

And yet, dear baby sister,
I know this to be true:
You’ve finally come of age,
And there’s nothing I can do.

So maybe this, sweet sister,
Is what you’ve been waiting for:
A time when I can’t see you
As a baby anymore.

But know, my darling sister,
That I love you anyway.
May you have a great adult life
And a wonderful birthday!

Happy Birthday to my awesome baby sister! Stay sweet, and know that no matter how old you get, I’ll always love you!

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