Magic may seem
Like the stuff
Of fantasy
And fairy tales,
But I know
For a fact
That it really exists.

Real magic comes
In the form of
Sweet kisses
And affectionate hugs,
In gentle words
And selfless acts.

Real magic
Is respect
And trust
And loyalty.
It’s devotion
And kindness
And overwhelming joy.

Real magic
Is waking up
Every day
Next to someone
Who makes you smile,
Falling sleep
Every night
Beside someone
Who shares in your pain,
And spending
Your whole life
With someone
You could never
Live without.

How could I not
Believe in magic
When I grew up
Seeing it every day
In the form of such
True love?

Dedicated to my parents, whose love has always been a huge inspiration for my writing and my personal life. Thank you for teaching me what real magic is! I love you both so much!

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