How long would I wait
To be with you?
I asked myself this question
Before I started playing
This waiting game,
Knowing it would all be a test
Of how much I love you.

How have I waited
So long for you?
It hasn’t been easy at all,
Being so far away,
Longing every day to be
By your side again,
But if I’ve learned anything,
It’s that our love will always
Overcome the pain of distance.

I see your sweet face,
Your kind eyes,
Your gentle smile,
And I feel content.
I listen to your voice,
To your music,
To your laughter,
And I feel at peace.
I talk to you,
Laugh with you,
Share my world with you,
And my heart fills with joy.

The adoration you show me
Brightens my darkest days.
The way you smile at me,
Listen to me,
Encourage me,
Say sweet words to me,
Makes me feel so loved.
Thinking about you,
Dreaming of you,
Caring for you,
Loving you,
Brings me happiness
Like I’ve never known before,
And knowing I’ll be
In your arms again soon
Makes it all worth the wait.

How long would I wait
To be with you?
I know now I can play
The game for years,
Waiting patiently every day
For the chance to be
With you again,
Because I know that
Someday soon,
The wait will be over,
And I’ll finally win.

Happy Birthday to my wonderful boyfriend! Thank you for waiting for me all these years. I promise we’ll be together again soon! I truly love you!

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