The Year in Review: What I’ve Learned About Writing in 2016

Welcome to the last creative writing post of 2016! It’s been a pretty crazy year, and while it may not have been the best for many people, my “Year in Review” has some of my proudest achievements yet! Following last year’s format, my final 2016 Wednesday post is a review of my resolutions from the beginning of the year. Enjoy, and Happy New Year!

Did I complete that Master’s thesis on time?

Yes and no. While I did have to request a couple of extensions, I at least managed to complete my thesis within the year to meet a defense deadline in September. After revising it a final time and submitting it to my school library last month, my next goal is to complete the paper for submission to a scientific journal next year. Here’s hoping I can meet my next deadline in 2017!

Did I expand my blogging network?

Yes! While I’m not exactly pulling in thousands of readers a day yet, I did meet some new writers through WordPress and get a lot more networking done this year than last. I commented on more blog posts, shared several articles I enjoyed, and even participated in blogging events! I look forward to meeting even more writers in the year to come!

Did I start monetizing my writing?

Not quite, but I’m on track. I didn’t sell any articles or win any story contests this year, but I did sign up for Fiverr and just got approved by Google AdSense this month. I’ve already started placing ads on my blog, and you can expect to hear about my new freelance writing and editing services soon. Now that I’m done with school (for now), hopefully 2017 will prove to be a much more fruitful year for my writing career!

What about you? What have you learned about writing in 2016? I hope you had a productive year, and that your 2017 will be even better! Thanks for reading, and Happy New Year!

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