Hello, dear readers! I know I just shared an update with you last week, but I’m dropping in again to let you know there’s been a slight change of plans regarding my publishing and blogging goals. Allow me to explain…

To Book or to Blog? A Catch-22 Problem

While I do want to self-publish my book of dragon stories and relaunch my blog under my new author name, the question I’ve been facing for the past few weeks is which to do first. The original plan was to publish my book under my pen name, then relaunch my blog and start publishing new books under my real name.

However, when my designer finally sent me the book cover samples with my pen name last month, she included another copy of each with my real name, and frankly, I fell so in love with them that I knew I couldn’t publish the book under any other name but my own. In short, soon JC Wolfe will be no more!

This left me with the question of how to proceed with my plans to publish, relaunch, and rebrand. It wouldn’t make sense to publish under my real name only to redirect readers to a blog written under my pen name, but at the same time, the only way I can afford to properly relaunch my blog and rebrand myself is by successfully publishing and selling my book. A real catch-22, right?

Rebranding One Step at a Time

The solution I came up with was to start rebranding myself through social media first. I can set up a landing page for my book through my email marketing service provider and promote it through my social media profiles under my new author name. Once my book is finally published and (God willing) selling, I can focus my efforts on updating my blog!

This is somewhat of a spur-of-the-moment plan, but for now, it feels like the best course of action. I’m still not sure when I’ll start rebranding, but hopefully I can finish getting organized soon! Keep an eye out for more updates soon, including the reveal of my book cover and my true author name!

Guest Posts and Blog Relaunch Street Team Volunteers Still Wanted!

And as always, the door is still open for guest post submissions for my blog relaunch (be sure to read the guidelines before you sign up)! Those who join my blog relaunch street team will also get early updates about my rebranding campaign, so if you’re interested, feel free to sign up for my list below!

Join My Blog Relaunch Street Team!

Thanks for reading! Talk to you again soon! Until then, happy reading/writing!

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